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About Greesy


Rapper and hip-hop artist Greesy, incorperates his big catch hooks with funny bars and unique story telling, showcasing his diversity through every song release, creating a brand with his party vibe, rock n roll infused rap, uplifting and inspiring his fans 




Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia and home of the legendary rapper Drapht & rap group Downsyde. Greesy's role models and inspirations are artists such as, The Hilltop Hoods, Drapht, Jack White (The White Stripes) Seth Sentry, Bliss N Eso, Complete, 360 and The Beatles, which all inspired him wanting to be an artist at the young age of 12.


Greesy went on to independently releasing a mixtape in 2017 called 'The Mixed Ape Mixtape' following  his 2 EP's, the 'Shockwave' EP produced by Local producer Paulie P & the 'Heaven And Hell' EP produced by TPW member Uncool Sam.  Along with multiple singles released his music eventually introduced him to touring the country by 20 years of age.


Greesy’s live energetic performances that shut down venues; there’s no surprise when he has played along side some of the best artists nationally & internationally including. Drapht, Complete, Downsyde, Bitter Belief, Dizzy Wright and Mic rightous just to name a few.



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